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Intro Physics Kleppner for Physics for Scientists and Engineers I

  1. Jul 19, 2015 #1
    Would it be a good idea to use Kleppner's Intro to Mechanics and Knight's Physics for Scientists and Engineers together for a first semester calculus-based physics course (I will also be taking Calculus 2)? I would read Kleppner and do the problems in Knight. I hear really good things about Kleppner but I also hear it is incredibly difficult.
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    Yes, you can do that. Starting with problems you can do will help get you a good understanding of the material. After you have some mastery of the basic material, you can try some of the problems in Kleppner for fun. Reading Kleppner without doing the exercises is good, as long as you do exercises from somewhere.
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    Thank you, atyy. I think this is what I will do.
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