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Homework Help: Lab writeup, resonance & speed of sound

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    ok i'm definately having trouble with this lab due tomorrow. We did a lab in class where you get an adjustable tube and use different tuning forks. With the different frequencies of the forks we adjusted the tubes until it reached resonance? (loudess point) Alright so we got a bunch of numbers and when it came down to it we were asked to graph the frequencies vs. 1/lamda, 1/lamda being the inverse of lamda. For my lab writeup I need to explain why we graphed this frequency vs. lamda. Now i know when i graph it, the slope of this Linear line is the velocity of sound in my experiment. I need to understand the significance of why we're graphing with 1/lamda...

    What is 1/lamda vs. frequency?

    frequency = oscillations/second, 1/length of wavelength
    so what i'm getting is
    What is that??
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    you are showing that wavelength(lamda) is inversely proportional to frequency.

    And lastly, that the speed of sound is constant, for a given medium, from the formula speed = (lamda )wavelength* frequency(hz)
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