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Labs & simulations

  1. Jun 27, 2007 #1
    I'm not a chem guy so I thought I'd ask here. To what extent can the labs be replaced with simulations? Computers have come a long way & nothing's changed so I figure I must be missing something.
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    Swallow the red pill and find out...
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    The simulations are a cheap way to convey information or knowledge;
    the laboratory exercises are needed for meaningful instruction. You cannot develop through simulations - you NEED the practical instructional experiences.
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    You can't exchange lab experience for a simulation . I doubt a computer would have ever figured out that if you scratch the side of your glass vessel with a spatula it will help crystalize your product out much faster than just letting it sit there.

    A lot of lab work in chemistry is more than just science, it actually is an art.
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    I don't really doubt it; I'm just trying to understand why. Would more sophisticated simulations satisfy Gravenewworld? Do I have to get into chemistry to understand it?
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