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Lamp/Lampholder requirements for - US/Japan

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    Firstly, my knowledge is basic as I have no grounding in physics or electronics , so please stick with me..

    Secondly, as mentioned I am not a student of physics but am a designer, wanting to ensure that If I sell my product to the mentioned markets, that the product is safe to use and does not endanger anyone or their property...


    I have a lamp design that I wish to sell online to the markets mentioned.

    the lamp is a ceiling suspended lamp that has no metallic elements [and therefore needs no grounding, I think im right in saying]. The design aspect is the shade and I want to utilise something of the shelf for a pendant lampholder.

    Now, in the UK and Europe we use E27 bulbs, that draw on 240V mains. I want to be able to have my lamp used in the US and Japan also.

    My question is, as I am not using a plug and fuse, can I just sell my lamp with a standard
    UK Lampholder [E27] for use in the aforementioned countries?

    I know america and Japan use E26, but have read that E26 bulbs can be used in E27 lampholders. If this is true, then all I need to know is if it is ok to wire my pendant lampholder into a 100-120V mains?

    I know this is an electrical question [i have posted it in other forums!], but was hoping the underlying physics knowledge would inform me of whether this was feasible [using 220/240V equipment on 120V mains]. Even without any electrical/physics knowledge I can assume that the bulb if 240V would not illuminate sufficiently. Not sure what would happen if using a 120V bulb though...

    any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

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