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Large file that i have scanned

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    hi, i have a large file that i have scaned into MY DOCUMENTS is there a way i can show parts or the whole to a forum, ie cut paste
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    How big?

    You could upload it somewhere and post with a link, to allow us to download it...

    Or you could just cut and paste relevant parts of the document into seperate posts. If you don't know how to cut and paste:

    Select text
    Press Ctrl+C
    Click where you want to paste text (ie, create new post page)
    Press Ctrl+V

    Or you can select, go to Edit -> Copy, then click where you want to paste and go Edit-> Paste
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    You could resize it or compress it.
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    If it's an image you would have to upload it to a host site then link to it as an image in the forum. If you just want to show the text use an OCR program. One might have come with your scanner but you can download a good one at www.simpleocr.com

    I've used this one a couple of times and it seems to work well with an intuitive interface. It also retains graphics and layout from the original image.

    Raavin :)
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