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Latent heat

  1. Dec 12, 2005 #1
    what mass of steam at 100 c must be added to 1.ookg of ice to yeild liquid water 20c ?

    this is what I have so for c*m* displacement of temperature =m *L
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    You should know L (which I believe is 3.3 x 10^5 J/kg). Which is the Latent Heat of Fusion. You are given the mass of ice, change in temperature. Just solve for the second m in your equation. Which I'm assuming in the mass of the steam. When you have two of the same variables on each side of the equal sign, it looks confusing. Please denote "m of what".
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    m is the mass
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    I know that m is the mass. But you have an m on each side of the equal sign. What I'm asking you to state is the "mass of what". In your equation just solve for the m that relates to steam.
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