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LaTeX Latex presentations

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    I have a question on math fonts to be used in presentations.
    It is recommended to use sans serif fonts for text in presentations.
    However, in equations, standard font has serifes. Now, I understand that
    serifes are used to distinguish e.g. variables and matrices in math.
    What is your preferred combination of math and text fonts for presentations?
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    I use the same math style in presentations as in articles because - in my opinion - it is much nicer.
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    Who cares, nobody ever reads equations on slides anyway! ;)

    Seriously, I'm with Zoli. I use Keynote for my presentations, which doesn't even include an equation editor, but use a ##\LaTeX## equation editor for the math and paste it into the slides. The equations are therefore typeset in computer modern and it looks fine (although you have to be careful about resolution, as some characters can have pretty thin parts).
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