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Learn while you drive?

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    Anyone have suggestions on things to listen to in the car? I've got a 44 hour drive to San Fran to make in July and want to try to stock up on stuff to listen to now. I have only cd, no tape or mp3 drive. I am considering physics lectures and things like that, but would welcome anything that would be mentally stimulating. I'm also considering a mega memory type thing.

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    You could check these out:

    http://www.teach12.com/teach12.asp?ai=16281 [Broken]

    They're pricey though.

    Also - the Pimsleur series for language learning is great.

    You can also buy one of these
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=86537&item=5775364633&rd=1 [Broken]

    for transmitting the sound of a portable device through a car radio. MP3 players are much less of a hassle. You can buy a CD player that plays burned MP3's for less than $100 these days. Or if you have a laptop, you could also just use that.

    While not educational per se, I really recommend the radio program This American Life - www.thislife.org. You can download them for free as RealAudio and convert them to MP3's, or use TotalRecorder to make MP3's out of them by recording the audio stream. (I also have about 100 of the episodes on MP3 so if you want, I can burn you copies).

    Personally, I wouldn't go overboard with the whole learning thing. Relax, and enjoy the drive with some good music. I did the NJ to CA drive in about 4 days - that was nuts.
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    learn a foriegn language. thats a long drive, and it'd be cool. get some cd's in the foriegn language too... thatd be fun... i think so at least...
    otherwise, i usually just get books on tape. or a series. when we had a 30 our summer road trip, we rented to whole lotr series on tape. that was kinda neat. its a bummer when you stop for gas though.
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    Gale17, I actually have a 6 cd learn spanish set that I am going to listen to. Hey, I've gotta get something out of 6 hours. Buying some spanish cds is a good idea, too. Maybe a lecture, lol!

    Juvenal, thanks for the link! That site looks like it has some good stuff and i'm going to go through more of it tomorrow.

    No can do on buying stuff for the car, i'll probably be selling it after I get my routine together in Berkeley because it'll be too impractical to own a vehicle, and my boyfriend has a car so weekends are covered:)

    As far as relaxing and enjoying the ride, i'm sure that i'll do that at some points, too! But, my mind gets bored when disengaged for too long.... and the road tends to do that to me.

    More suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much!
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    I just started listening to the Feynman lectures on my comute to school. They're pretty cool!
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