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Li-ion battery chemistry

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    Could somebody give me detailed explanation how Li-ion chemistry works?
    For example,if Li ions (cathions) just migrate from one host material (such as graphite) to
    another (such as Cobalt oxide) where are electrons taken from to run in external circuit?
    In more common type of battery such as metal-air we have metal which dissociates in electrolyte on ions and electrons.Ions flow to cathode and electrons run in external circuit.
    But in Li-ion cell Li cathions always miss their external electons?Or that type of battery just
    generates electric potential just as thermopower?:smile:
    Also I would be glad to understand how could exist such compounds as Silicium in which Silicon is able to absorb more then 3 Li ions per 1 its own atom.There is trials to create anode based on such properties.How one Silicon atom could bind 3 Li ions?And this substance doesn't break down under Coulomb forces?
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    You're question/ statement is confusing to me, I would suggest rewording it and directly ask your question.
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