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Homework Help: Limits and Disc.

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    1. f(x)= 3x2-12x / x2-6x +8

    f(x) can be made continuous at x =4 by defining f(4)=6

    I know that the removable disc. is at x=2 and the non removable is at x=4. So there is an asymptote at x=4. How is it possible to define it there?
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    You have that backwards. There's no asymptote at x=4. There's an asymptote at x=2. Find the limit as x->4. Show your work this time.
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    Ugh! Thanks I am just a fool and factored incorrectly. Final exams =(. Thank you !

    3x(x-4) / (x-4)(x-2) = f(x)
    So the lim as x-->4 f(x)=6
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