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Load capability of an Al sheet serving as a ramp

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    If I take a piece of 1/8" aluminum sheet that is 36" x 120" and bend each long side up 3" to create a ramp 120" long x 30" wide, How much weight would it support. My tenant has a power scooter and can't afford to purchase a ramp so I am looking for alternatives.
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    1/8" aluminum is not strong enough to be making a ramp with. Also, there are probably city building codes that will need to be met for the access ramp. It is probably best done as a woodworking project. Not sure of the best way to raise the money for it, though.
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    .125 Al sheet is hardly structural. You would be able to deform it with your hand, let alone a person on a scooter.

    I think Berkeman is on the right track with using common decking materials.
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    I suggest building the ramp with pressure treated lumber and then putting 2 or 3 adhesive no-slip strips on it horizontally. Or if you want it prettier you could put diamond plate on it (the metal you commonly see on the running boards of trucks) You can buy it all at Lowe's.
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