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London: Is there another bombing?

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    Here media is confusing. They say two underground stations have been evacuated because of a bombing. They mentioned also about some bus. Is everything allright over there????
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    4 sort of "mini-explosions" is what they're saying. At one station (Warren Street I think), the people were saying someone left a rucksack and then ran away from the scene. Edit: one person injured, but there weren't any details of what/when/how the injury happened.
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    The explosions sound like detonators going of to me so perhaps they messed up the creation process?
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    It's not clear to me whether these explosions were dummy bombs, real bombs which failed to go off properly, or controlled detonations of suspect packages.

    The BTP have confirmed that no trace of chemical agents has been detected.
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    And an arrest has been made. This could be interesting.
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    Tube evacuations: At-a-glance

    Emergency services have been called to three London Underground stations amid reports of "incidents". The BBC News website is covering events as they unfold (all times in BST):


    Man arrested by armed police near the gates of Downing Street.

    Shepherd's Bush, Oval, Hackney Road (bus) affected in addition to Warren street.
    see map at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4703777.stm
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    The only injury so far reported is of one of the bombers who was still carrying the backpack containing whatever it was that went off when it went off. The best guess being presented by the media is that it was detonators that went off, but until they can inspect the packages, they don't know if it was a faulty explosive or only detonators or some sort of homemade device that simply didn't pack much explosive. Since they caught the one person involved, hopefully they will get better answers quickly. They still didn't know if this was meant to be bigger and got botched or if it was a copy cat thing that just was never intended to be as large of scale as the bombings two weeks ago.
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    What a shame, I'm glad they caught one of them. They should use any means possible to get more information from him.
    In the past several months they have installed cameras, just about everywhere in Detroit. I for one am glad they did. Londons system has been such a big help to them.
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    nooo ! those are not bombs, london subway is falling apart - chain reaction.
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    I think these were a bunch of trouble makers. I doubt any serious group would be so foolish or have their workers "run away" from the scene.
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    I'll admit, my first thoughts when I heard the reports were that it could be troublemakers with fireworks or something of the kind, but later news reports suggested that all four were carrying significantly more explosives, but the detonators went off failing to trigger the rest of the explosives. The men were probably not expecting to live through the experience, and panicked when their explosives didn't go off.
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    The people arrested were released as they were not involved in the incident.

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    Any more word on the man they shot< was he wearing a bomb?
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    I haven't heard yet but there is one thing that is significant. One of the things I mentioned in the thread regarding the last bombings is that they've cleared the STK policy for police and special forces.

    This is from page 14 of the other thread:
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    Here's the newest BBC story on the dead guy: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4706787.stm - Doesn't confirm anything about a bomb, but some eyewithneses said (on BBC world) he was shot five times, which sound pretty much.
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    Its so rare to hear of UK police shooting someone. I'm sure they did what they felt they must.
  19. Jul 25, 2005 #18
    If the suspected terrorist is thought to have an explosive device on his (or a remote control detonator) then they have to make sure that they cannot be activated. I believe this was an important lesson learnt during the IRA campaign. Bottom line is shot until the target no longer poses a threat.
  20. Jul 25, 2005 #19
    Actually, he was completely innocent. And a rather flimsy excuse for why they thought he deserved 5 bullets in his head.
    Disscussion and lots of links here
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