Looking for a GF.

  1. i m 20, doing enginering ....but have't found FG yet.......so is any girl there to be a GF of mine...........tnx
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  3. Pengwuino

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    nope, sorry.
  4. I will be your gf
  5. ha ha cool girl. Bravooo
  6. what is the gurentee that you are a girl.............??? hehe
  7. Pengwuino

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    He is a girl.
  8. haha..funny ha....!!
  9. micromass

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    Don't look for a girlfriend, it's useless. Just live your life and eventually you'll meet some very special persons who you want to be with for the rest of your life.
  10. i think so........
  11. I am also 20 doing engineering but I plan not to have GF for 4 or 5 years from now
  12. Might I suggest, wait til you have a degree to get a gf
  13. turbo

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    I'd go a bit farther and suggest that unless you fall into a perfect relationship, you should wait until you have a JOB to get a GF. GFs can be expensive and time-consuming.
  14. Pengwuino

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    Says the guy on Okcupid
  15. lisab

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    Fixed that for you.
  16. Im pretty sure you want sex, not a girlfriend.

    Sex is easier to come by, though still difficult.
  17. BobG

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    ... and soul sucking. You forgot that part.

    It's an endless cycle. You look for a GF when you don't have one. You look for ways to get rid of a gf when you do have one (see the thread about not knowing how to dump someone).

    In fact, can we merge these two threads? (https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=515451) Seems to me that would solve some problems for both groups of people. (Provided the original poster doesn't mind a used girlfriend, of course.)
  18. Lisa!

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    What's FG anyway?:biggrin:

    PS: I suggest PF as your gf!
  19. *like*
  20. Why would you wait to find a girl? You're a young guy, go find a girl.

    First step: talk to a girl
    Second step: make her attracted to you


    Highlight what is exciting, interesting, unique, and attention-grabbing about you. Are you not exciting, interesting, unique, or attention grabbing? Well, start working on your life then. Go do things that are cool, fun, interesting, new. Make yourself an attractive person by living an attractive lifestyle.

    The way to get chicks is to make chicks want you. Can't do that at a computer. Go out there, live life, have fun, then regale chicks with your cool stories and badass experiences. They'll come a'flockin.

    Taking care of your appearance helps alot too. Girls aren't as shallow as men are, but looking good can only help you.

    How to kill 2 birds with one stone:

    Go to a clothing store and ask a girl her opinion on a shirt. Then tell her about the awesome things you're going to do with that shirt.

    Guy: ''Hey, honest answer, which shirt do you like better, this one or that?''
    Girl: "Umm, they're both nice...''
    Guy: "I'm going to this Latin Music Festival and I wanna make sure I have the right flair.''
    Girl: ''Hmm, maybe that shirt would be better than the other one''

    Continue chatting, get her number, invite her out.

    Just don't go weirding girls out. Might take some practice if you're new at it.
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