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Looking for a relativity movie

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    I have seem some months ago a nice moving on relativity.
    It was a cartoon featuring Einstein in a rocket with a special clock called "light clock".
    This "light clock" was simply made of two mirrors and a photon bouncing in between these mirrors.

    If you know where this can be found, please give me the URL.


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    Was it from here
    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2005/12/03/pirelli-relativity-challenge-2005-winners-announced/ [Broken]
    or from here
    Mechanical Universe www.learner.org/resources/series42.html?
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    Thanks, but it was not one of these.

    The light clock was a vertical cylinder with a pulse (ball) of light bouncing between top and bottom. I think Einstein was driving the rocket. It was nicely done.

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    Maybe you can describe more about the movie? What is the main theme of the movie? Is there a special focus (such as time travel, twin paradox or who knows what) or just a broad view of relativity?
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    What I remember:

    - the drawing were excellent quality, everything is 3D rendering and good colors
    - Einstein was funny but nicely represented in the rocket
    - the main point was the "light clock", looking a bit like a hourglass, it was simply a cylinder with a photon bouncing between the flat walls

    The movie was representing the familiar geometry used to explain the Lorentz transformation, but without any maths and without geometrical drawing, it was really very convincing for a braod public, I think.

    I think I first found this movie on a physics forum, but I am not sure.

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    This one?

    about 1 minute into the video

    You may need to find an english version LOL
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    I'm pretty sure know the video you're referring to, though it was actually Heinrich Lorentz who was driving the rocket. Assuming we're talking about the same thing (and I think we are), Robphy did post the correct link, though you've got to do a bit of digging once you click on it. Here it is again:


    You've got to register with the site before you watch the video, but that only takes about 30 seconds. After that check out video number 43, entitled "Velocity and Time." That should be the video you're looking for.
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    Look like the movie I was looking for.
    But what I remember was longer I think (and in english).
    I hope I will find it by gooogling.

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    I believe I watched the long english version on Yahoo video before. You may try that. :)
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