Looking for information on Celanese Fortiflex polymer

Hey guys, I am trying to located more information on a polymer that was called celanese fortiflex. It was used in TRIGA nuclear reactors to hold samples in a high neutron flux and was developed (I believe) around the early 1960's.

Some modern PE materials have been tested, but fall apart after less than a week in a thermal-epithermal 10^12 neutron / cm^2*s environment.

Any help would be appreciated!


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It appears that Celanese Fortiflex was nothing special.
You might find the data on the web. But you can buy the data sheet.

“Fortiflex” [Celanese] Detailed information: TM for a high-density polyethylene consisting mainly of long molecules with occasional short side branches. Thermoplastic.
Properties: Milk-white, translucent pellets (colors are also available). D 0.95; melt index 0.2–8; tensile strength 3100–3700 psi; highest use temperature 225F. Combustible. See Polyethylene.

Fortiflex was a PE-MD or PE-HD made by Soltex Polymer Corp.

Re: Durability of Celanese Fortiflex.
"Newspapers were abuzz with the fact that Fortiflex (a Celanese Plastic) would be used. Proven to withstand tests of "boiling" it was guaranteed to be used from freezer to table. Marketed to adults, it was NOT the same plastic as the hard styrene toy dishes were. "
"Fortiflex's plastic Idealware pieces were made of polyethylene resembling the look and feel of a fancy Tupperware. Ironically though, over time the mixture became brittle, and unlike the early Tupperware pieces you may find now, it did not have a waxy feel to it. "
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