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Lowest Friction Linear Bearing

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    I have been researching this topic for a while, and I wanted to get some feedback from people with more experience than myself.

    I want to create a slider, suspended by linear bearings, that will act as a scotch yoke. I'm wondering what type of bearings will give me the lowest energy loss to friction.

    There are a couple of elements in play here:
    -The bearing will only be suspending 5-10lbs of weight.
    -The force causing the slider to reciprocate will be applied at a 45 degree angle from the direction of the slider's motion.
    -The machine will have many iterations per minute (~1000+), and therefore needs resilient bearings.

    Do I use ball bearings or slip bearings? Is there a go-to manufacturer?
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    Do you have a sketch or something you can post to show what you mean by the 45* angle?
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