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Lowish Verbal GRE Score and Top Physics Grad Programs

  1. Jun 29, 2011 #1
    Hi Everyone,

    I just finished up the GRE with with a Verbal:530, Q:780, A:5.5 and was wondering how much that low verbal score would hurt my chances at top grad schools in astrophysics.

    I know a lot of averages are ~600ish, but I have the following on my resume which I think is rather good.

    Vanderbilt University: Overall GPA 3.85: Physics GPA 3.95
    -2011 Goldwater Scholar
    -Working on a current publication in theoretical astrophysics on big bang photosynthesis
    -Winner of Vanderbilt's McMinn Honors Scholarship (2 sophomores get it each year for full ride/have had it then for a year)
    -Winner of Vanderbilt's Ernst Jones Physics Scholarship
    -RISE program in Germany last summer
    -Two Summers working at ORNL in nanoscience
    -Poster presentations at National conferences during High School
    -Have finished my undergraduate courses so next semester (my senior year) I am taking 4 graduate courses and doing senior research

    Taking the physics GRE in October and expect that I'll do pretty well ~850ish.

    Thoughts on my low Verbal... Worth taking it again or just rest on the rest of application to pull it up?
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