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Homework Help: Magintude and phase .

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    magintude and phase.....

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Hi Guys, I need to work it out how calculate magnitude and phase for below question. It is really complicated for me. So wait for your help. Below is a question and it figure is in attached file. Thankingyou

    Calculate the magnitude and phase of the 4 KHz component in the spectrum of the periodic pulse train shown below. The pulse repetition rate is 1 KHz.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

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    I would prefer (and I would wager many of the posters here feel likewise) that you upload the question in a PDF file. MS office documents can be infected. Print the document to PDF.
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    Okay! Defennder who replied back didn't help and just wasting time about talking about PDF. I don't have much time to wait. You are just giving unimportant lesson. Try to help not think of infection or something.
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    It's not hard or take long to convert it to a PDF and upload it. That way the file is safe and not infected. More people would be willing to help I'm sure if this small action was done on your part.
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    -1- You need to check your attitude at the door. Aggressive or insulting tones are not allowed here on the PF. Defender *was* trying to help, in coaching you to post your attachment in a safer format. Virus infection can be a very practical problem.

    -2- You are required to show your own work before we can offer tutorial help. We do not give out answers here on the PF.

    -3- Your question and attachment do not match. The attachment shows a graph of x(t). There is no mention of vector content.

    Please clarify your question, and post your attempt at a solution so we can offer help.
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    It seemed no one doesn't know how to solve my question. Forget it and enjoy yourself in PF. Remember that i was not rude in previous reply. No one ask me to put this in PDF in other education website and nothing goes wrong with that. They helped as much they can. not taking time on some intro on PDF.

    Forget this question if no one can help. remember attached file and question are related to each other. It is in the exercise paper.
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