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Homework Help: Magnetic field from four wires

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I am looking at four parallel wires of finite length L, whose currents run in the directions shown in the attached figure. There is no gradient along the wire-axis, so from Maxwell's equation
    \frac{dB_x}{dx} = -\frac{dB_y}{dy} \equiv \tilde B.
    How would I go about finding an expression for the gradient [itex]\tilde B[/itex] given some current I though the wires? This isn't a homework question, I have just not been able to find the answer anywhere.


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    I'm not seeing the figure...?
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    Sorry, I'll upload it in just a few minutes. Thanks for letting me know.

    EDIT: I have attached it now. Thanks.
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