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Magnetic field in a semi-cut solenoid

  1. Jun 10, 2008 #1
    Im just curious as to how the magnetic field would be for a semi cut solenoid as shown in the diagram below.

    The Solenoid covering is partially cut and the soft core iron in the solenoid is also cut and the number of windings in the area decrease considerbly..

    The winding on either side of the cut is assumed to be equal..

    Now at the cut part below the slightly cut iron core and the cut covering of the solenoid... what would be the magnetic field?

    Would A, the solenoid form 2 magnets and behave like 2 seperate magnets on either side?

    or Would B the solenoid forms just one consistant magnetic field..

    Which of the 2 would happen? or would something happen?

    Anyone willing to help me out?

    I would be great full.. :)

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