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I Magnetic Field of Current loop around the Core

  1. Oct 15, 2016 #1
    Hello friends, I am trying to find how calculate the magnetic field created by current loop considering that there is a some geometry of material that can enhance the magnetic field. I thought it can be solved by multipling by permeability μ but realized that the iron core changes the picture of magnetic qualitatively.

    To illustrate this i attached image for: only coil (1) and coil around the iron bar (2).

    For the first picture, it is easy to integrate by Bio-Savart-Laplace law, but..
    How to find he field for any point at the second picture?


    Or, more complicated case:
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    The latter case is easy if the width of the airgap is small ( the magnetic field in the airgap is almost homogenous ).

    From Ampere's law you know that
    H⋅ds = N*I ( complete circular path )
    Also you know that Hiron = μr,iron * Hair

    In case of the rod/solenoid, you don't quite know the path of the magnetic field. Some numeric calculation will be needed. ( See my avatar ).
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    Nice image! What can you advise to make a numeric calculation? Is it possible to apply a vector potential (B=curl (A)) to have the solution for complex geometry?
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    I have used high precision Biot-Savart calculation. Just use a 3D compass and follow the field direction from some point, until the field bites its own tail.
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