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Magnets - looking for help with school project

  1. Jan 6, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I have a little magnets project for school i need to accomplish and I'm a little stuck.. hoping someone with the right knowledge of magnets could assist me here :)

    I need to build a small magnetic gate which can push forward a steel ball (but not too far away). the idea is to roll the ball on a desk and when it enters the gate it will shot it out forward. I'm trying to do that either with hallbach array or other setup of neodymium magnets.

    So I've built the Hallbach array but couldn't get the correct setup to make it ball push forward with force.
    - should i try a different set up? maybe a tri gate will be better for this experiment? or maybe I'm trying to do something which is impossible.. ?

    any help will be great!
    thanks in advance, tom.
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    do you really understand how a Halbach array is constructed and works ?

  4. Jan 6, 2016 #3
    i did build it from wiki, was not easy but i could do that.
    I'ts all fairly new to us (the team in school) but were here to experiment :) so were learning all the time..
    it is complicated so we thought maybe we should try with tri gate & 2 small bearing balls (like shown on few youtube videos)
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