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Magnitude vs Redshift Supernova 1a

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    The following two graphics are supposed to be the same, but they are not (there is something I am not getting right). After the calculation of m ( z ) (magnitude as a function of redshift) I get the plot of the first link:

    -Plot at the bottom (NOT the last one) of
    http://www.rqgravity.net/Supernova [Broken] m (z) = constant + 5*log ( 1 + z - (1 + z)^(1/2) )

    -Page 7 of http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/9812473
    Here the plot is linear; does not diverge in z = 0.

    Maybe the answer is that in the second case, the definition of the magnitude includes a filter transmission function (as hinted in Bergstrom, Goobar, Cosmology and particle astrophysics)? I have to hand in this yesterday : P.
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    George Jones

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    Look carefully at the calibration of the horizontal axis of the graph on page 7 of the arXiv paper.
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    Yes...thank you.
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