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Majoring in electrical engineering and having a hard time with physics

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    hi guys, i'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but i'll do it anyways... i'm currently majoring in electrical engineering and having a hard time with physics... i already finished and don't really have problems when it comes to math like calculus I, II, III, and diffy-q. however, i'm taking intro to mechanics, and i couldn't grasp the material completely... what's the best way about the study techniques for physics? does feynman lectures on physics somehow might help me? it seems like i could manipulate numbers pretty easily, but word problems in physics are killing me... i think it was 2 years ago when i took my last physics not calculus based...
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    I've found this video series to be an excellent teaching/learning tool:


    Maybe you'll find it helpful as well. Registering with the site takes about 30 seconds, and everything is free. After that, you can watch 30 minute videos on virtually every topic in classical physics, including classical mechanics. Every video contains numerous computer-generated models and demonstrations that elucidated physical concepts the first time I watched them. Personally I think that they are of top notch quality.
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