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Suggestion Make attachment non-thumbnails option

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    It's a bit of a hassle for the homework helpers to click and wait for the file to show everytime, so to make their lives I decided to upload all my pic in the homework help section via imageshack. Problem is that with imageshack it won't stay forever, but uploading something to the forum it will, that way if anyone searches the forum all that images will remain and one would be able to follow the discussion if needs be.

    So I suggest to make an option to upload and display non-thumbnails images. If that's possible.
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    I am not sure it works always, but I think everything you need is already here...

    1. Go to advanced mode.
    2. Upload attachment.
    3. There is a list of attachments below the edit field. Copy URL of the attachment.
    4. Place this link in [noparse][/noparse] tags.

    In this particular case [noparse] attachment.php?attachmentid=36739&stc=1&d=1309075517.png [/noparse] generates


    It won't work for those not logged in.

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    Duly noted :smile:

    Thanks, much appreciated!
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    If you place the images in the main body of the post, remember to size them so they will not introduce horizontal scroll bars on standard screens.
    Many consider it bad manners to create a post which means that you have to keep shuffling left and right to view. It only takes one oversize pic to cause this for the whole thread.
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    Yes, I always size my images :smile: thanks.

    I've tried it now but the image is being uploaded way too slowly compared to imageshack. Dunno if you have much control over it. Just saying. Thanks anyway!
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