Matemathic model for urinary system

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I was given the hard task of matematically modeling the human urinary system. I have to keep into account all the things going on. We CAN NOT model the bladder as being a sphere. So that is the main problem. It has the shape of an onion more or less. And it reduces and increases its volume depending on the amount of urine present. The approx. volume of the bladder is 400 cm3.
Basically what I'm looking for are ideas on how to model the bladder as a sistem, as the farthest we've gone is modeling spherical and cilindrical systems.

Any help is DEEPLY appreciated.

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Why not take something like a parabola, and spin it around the y-axis, and close it off at like y=4, and then put an identical one on top.

Or try to find something that will look more like an onion after. Like, maybe e^x from x=0 to x=2 or something and spin that around the y-axis.
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Thanks JasonRox.
Yeah I was thinking about something like that. Problem is I don't know what kind of function would fit into the bladder's onion shape, which I'm looking for in the internet but I think it will be hard for me to find something like "the shape of the bladder looks like a hyperbolic function..." lol you know?

Anyway, was the parabola and e function you proposed just thoughts out of nowhere or did you have prior knowledge on this?