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Courses Math courses to take at my school

  1. May 3, 2016 #1

    I know this general question has been asked a million times, and I certainly would not want to be lumped in with those who troll and ask if anything can be faster than c. However, I have narrowed it down to being one relevant to my institution.

    I will be transferring to the Illinois Institute of Technology for a B.S. in Physics. Given the requirements, I would like advice on which math courses would be the most useful in helping me with the core Physics courses. Although not stated on the first link provided below, I must complete two 400+ (500+ is graduate) level mathematics courses. I can definitely fit at least four in my schedule over the next few years.

    Note: I will have completed the calculus sequence and an introductory course in ODEs by the time of the transfer.

    Link to course requirements: https://science.iit.edu/programs/undergraduate/bachelor-science-physics
    Link to math course descriptions: https://science.iit.edu/applied-mathematics/programs/course-descriptions

    Also, thoughts on MATH 332, Linear Algebra? It is not a 400+ course but I have heard it is quite useful.
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    Have you had no LA course? If not, I'd recommend you take one.

    As far as the courses from the list that look most useful- without reading through all the sample syllabus- complex analysis, any of the statistics/probability/experiment design courses, mathematical modeling courses, Fourier series or PDE course could be useful. Some of the graduate courses also look appealing.

    At least they appeal to courses I'd be most interested in. It really depends on what area of physics you're interested in and what you hope to do later on. You can get a better feel for the courses once you're there.
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    Exactly. If we don't know your interests and your goals, we really can't recommend anything.
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