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\mathbb{stuff} isn't working

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    On MikTeX, can't enter $\mathbb{R}$

    Gives me a statement that says

    Code (Text):
    ! Undefined control sequence.
    <recently read> \mathbb
    l.14 $\mathbb
    No idea what that means?
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    \mathbb is defined in one of the AMS packages, so you probably have to include amssymb or amsfonts or something like that.
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    I am a novice in this, how do I introduce that package?
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    Following should work:

    Code (Text):

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    That worked, but am I restricted to only one package? Again novice here.

    I tried adding \userpackage{amsmath}, but amsmath doesn't exist. I am trying to add an array here.

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    I'm not aware of any limitation on how many packages can be used. Whenever I include a reference to a new package MiTek automatically finds and installs it. Btw, I noticed a typo in your last post. It should be \usepackage not \userpackage.

    Suggestion: the userguides you can find on the web are quite helpful. Just do a Google search and you'll find a number of them.

    There is also a Google Latex user group that can be quite helpful:

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    Yes you are right, I added an "r". I also have looked online, but I thought there was something wrong with it because it didn't work initially and it was the "r" and I thought the package doesn't even exist.

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