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Mathematica Help with nonlinear differential?

  1. Nov 23, 2003 #1
    Having some troubles getting further in this system I'm trying to solve. The notebook's at http://www.gabrielwyner.com/fluids5.nb [Broken]

    PDF form:
    http://www.gabrielwyner.com/fluids5.pdf [Broken]

    I guess the most current problem involves mathematica complaining about DSolve[h'[t] = f[h[t],h[0]]] (with correct syntax, that is). It doesnt like solving a function with h[t] and h[0] in it..
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    Try replacing h[0] with some arbitrary constant, k... then (at some point) imposing the initial condition that h[0] = k.
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    That works, but eventually I need to solve for the h[0] that maximizes another function of h[t]. Was hoping to get a function for h[t], plug it into u[t], plug that into v[t], plug *that* into k[t] and plot that vs h[0]. Am I going to run into trouble if h[0] isnt part of the original h[t] function?
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