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Mathematical Methods by Riley, Hobson, Bence

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    This is a great book but I have one complaint. Cambridge forbids access to all of the worked solutions unless you are an instructor of a math course. Now the Cambridge website does say this but the website of the merchant I bought the text and solutions manual from does not mention this at all. In fact, I thought all the solutions were in the book. It is called the "Students Solution Manual", not "Students Half-the Solutions Manual".

    There are plenty of problems with worked solutions but there are also some problems that catch my eye and are difficult, or I am short on time and a worked solution would be great. As a 46 year old who is just trying to brush up, learn this stuff, this policy seems gratuitously restrictive. I understand the need to keep the solutions out of the hands of students but I emailed fairly good proof that I was no such thing.

    Anyone agree that after spending over $100 for these books and not seeing any indication that the solutions manual covers only half the questions, that Cambridge should budge? (They will not for sure but it feels good to gripe about this).
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    I am currently working through the book - as you presumably were, or still are - to brush up on ideas and skills required for a mathematically challenging course.

    I wonder if you have found a way of obtaining good quality worked solutions?

    P.S. Is there a chance that anyone knows if the third ed. solutions book is any cop for the second ed. text?
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