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Homework Help: MATLAB, eigenvalues and condition number of a symmetric square matrix

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    2. Write a MATLAB® function to calculate the condition number of a symmetric square matrix of any size by means of Eigenvalues:

    § The power method should be used to calculate the Eigenvalues.

    § The script (function) should give an error message if the matrix is not square and/or is not symmetric.

    § The result of the built-in MATLAB® function “cond” should be displayed in addition to the results of the power method.

    For example:

    function [condPower,condMatlab]=NameofFunction(A,…)



    fprintf(‘Condition of matrix calculated using the Power method is %5.2g and using cond(A) is %5.2g \n’, condPower,condMatlab);
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    First, how do you find the condition number of a matrix if you know the eigenvalues?

    Second, how do you compute the eigenvalues using the power method?

    Which of these are you having trouble with?
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