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Maxwell 3D - DC analysis on Human Body

  1. Jul 20, 2013 #1

    I am using a Human body model which I built for some simulation studies.

    I was trying to pass DC current through the Human body and though my Project completed the simulation successfully I got the below warning message. Can anyone please help me interpret it?

    The error log is as below:

    [warning] Geometry stitch failed. Falling back to backup process (7:59:16 PM Jul 19, 2013)
    [warning] Terminal surface mesh does not fit with conduction path in the following bodies {VHP_Skull,VHP_Skin,VHP_Fat,VHP_Muscle,VHP_CSF,VHP_Brain,VHP_Jaw,VHP_Ribs,VHP_Lungs,VHP_Aorta}. Please verify them to ensure no bad effect on solutions! (5:04:16 AM Jul 20, 2013)
    [info] Normal completion of simulation on server: Local Machine. (6:18:46 AM Jul 20, 2013)
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