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A Measurement of the Higgs Self Interaction

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    Hello everyone. What measurements have been done of the Higgs self-interaction? If nothing has been done yet, what are the relevant groups and research articles describing the progress of work in this direction? If this has been done, I would love to know the references. Thanks!
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    DId you check the public pages of ATLAS and CMS? They have the best studies of Higgs self-interaction so far. It has not been discovered yet, if it is SM-like the experiments will need huge datasets (hundreds of 1/fb) to have a chance to see it.
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    Thanks! You've said it all and I will indeed have a look at the public pages of ATLAS and CMS which I did encounter recently. Again, thanks.
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    A recent paper discussing strategies to measure the Higgs self-coupling at LHC which are currently in the works is at: http://arxiv.org/abs/1607.04251

    The guts of this analysis as discussed in the introduction are as follows:

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