Mech Engineer, Electronic circuit noob

  1. Hi,

    I'm designing and building a mobile robot, however I have to find / design a circuit board that incorporates two motor outputs, and possibly 8-12 sensors. The circuit also has to be a PIC, to allow me to program the robot to carry out specific tasks autonomously.

    I have 0% knowledge on circuitry design, so if anyone could lead me in the correct direction of how I would design something of this spec, or even show me what current circuit boards currently exist that fit my needs.

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  3. You don't say how large. This kit is kinda nice and there are parts of interest here too:

    I have some little cars of about the same size, using the same motor technology, based on mica2 'sensor net' controllers from which have two way radios and a really torturous "tinyos" programming system:
    But I haven't posted very much documentation...just a tad here:
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