What is Electronic circuit: Definition and 29 Discussions

An electronic circuit is composed of individual electronic components, such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, connected by conductive wires or traces through which electric current can flow. To be referred to as electronic, rather than electrical, generally at least one active component must be present. The combination of components and wires allows various simple and complex operations to be performed: signals can be amplified, computations can be performed, and data can be moved from one place to another.Circuits can be constructed of discrete components connected by individual pieces of wire, but today it is much more common to create interconnections by photolithographic techniques on a laminated substrate (a printed circuit board or PCB) and solder the components to these interconnections to create a finished circuit. In an integrated circuit or IC, the components and interconnections are formed on the same substrate, typically a semiconductor such as doped silicon or (less commonly) gallium arsenide.An electronic circuit can usually be categorized as an analog circuit, a digital circuit, or a mixed-signal circuit (a combination of analog circuits and digital circuits). The most widely used semiconductor device in electronic circuits is the MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor).Breadboards, perfboards, and stripboards are common for testing new designs. They allow the designer to make quick changes to the circuit during development.

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  1. J

    Electronics Will this electronic circuit work? (back-to-back polar capacitors)

    All I need is for someone to look at my schematic and tell me if this circuit will work. Thanks.
  2. henriquevpp

    Why this Simple Watt Meter for a 220 Volt Circuit works?

    Hello guys! I'm just a begginer student. I found this circuit of a wattmeter that works only with resistors. Can someone explain to me how the 33k resistor give a voltage of 1 mV to 1 Watt? I did not understand why these resistor values has been chosen and why the it measures only in the 33k...
  3. akaliuseheal

    Use of transistors to turn on an LED

    Homework Statement Hello, I have got input from comparator op amp which gives HIGH or LOW. Based upon that, one of two LEDs needs to light up. Two LEDs should't be ON at the same time. Calculations are not needed, only the schematics. Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution I am not...
  4. J

    Engineering I don't know what this electronic circuit does

    I have a homework question that asks me to draw up a truth table for the attached circuit. As you can see I did this (I think correctly). There is also an attached question asking what function the circuit serves - I am not sure what function this is Any pointers appreciated.
  5. thegreengineer

    Need help with voltage regulator circuit that uses 7805

    Well let me explain. I've finished a circuit that consists in a microcontroller unit (in this case a PIC16F877A) that is connected to a LCD module, a keyboard and a RTC module (via I2C protocol). As far as I know all of them require VCC (=+5V) for operating so I needed to create a +5V regulated...
  6. K

    Why you can't measure voltage and current at the same time?

    In my physics textbook it says that ammeter in circuit C shows higher current than ammeter in circuit A and D. And the voltmeter shows higher voltage in D than in B, and C. It's explained in the book that way: some electric current is passing through the voltmeter in C, thus the ammeter will...
  7. T

    Electronic circuit breaker design

    I'm building an electronic circuit breaker as follows, I have some questions about the short circuit protection. I tested it in simulation and it trips in about 11 ms. How would I work out the interrupt rating ?, which I read is the maximum short circuit current the breaker can interrupt...
  8. M

    Electronic Circuit with 2 diodes

    Homework Statement I have to find Vo in every diode state possible. We know diode Vf = 0.7 Homework Equations Va-Vc < 0.7 = diode OFF Va-VC > 0.7 = diode ON The Attempt at a Solution State 1: if D1 OFF and D2 OFF Vo will be equal to Vi State 2: if D1 OFF and D2 ON Vo will be equal to...
  9. D

    Engineering Laplace tranforms, transient current series CR circuit

    Homework Statement A step voltage of 120v is applied to a series CR circuit. R = 20KΩ, C = 4µF 1. Deduce, using Kirchoff's voltage law and Laplace Transforms, an expression for the transient circuit current. 2. Using the equation obtained in 1. deduce the equations for the transient voltages...
  10. Hamood97

    Find the two figures and the get value of the resistor and current

    Homework Statement finding the resistor and current which is following through the circuit[/B]Homework Equations kirchhoff law The Attempt at a Solution almost as fig 1 ( 9v=3.458 mA and 12v=11.122 mA) fig 2 (9v=1.472 mA and 12v=12.882 mA) i3=2.48 mA
  11. G

    What's the difference between fine and coarse measurement?

    Would anybody pleas tell me what's the difference between fine and coarse measurement? I am reading a paper named "Electronic distance measurement-An introduction" in which fine measurement and coarse measurement is mentioned. here is the exact paragraph: "The transmitter includes a master...
  12. cbram

    Why Do we ground an electronic circuit?

    Why we use the symbol ground in electronic circuits? What is the use of grounding
  13. thegreengineer

    Basic Electronics: Transistor confusion

    So, recently I started learning about electronic components and then I started learning about semiconductors. The one which I've been having some real trouble to understand its function is the transistor. So I bought an electronics textbook called El ABC de La Electrónica (The ABC of Electronics...
  14. A

    Diffentiation and integration in electronic circuit

    greetings, how a inductor and capacitor can perform differentiation and integration respectively? any help would be appreciated .
  15. Femme_physics

    Engineering Laplace plane basic electronic circuit (topic from control engineering)

    Homework Statement C = 4 μF L = 0.2 Hy E is DC current. No internal resistance. Write an expression the the laplace plane transfer function, that relates current (that flows through resistor R) to the voltage E. (There is another question. I will just address the first one for...
  16. Femme_physics

    Engineering Electronic circuit with Op-Amp, Switch and Diodes

    Homework Statement http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/6668/mycircuit.jpg Given a circuit that includes Operational Amplifiers, double-switch - S, for two situations, 1 and 2. Type of switch - DPDT - Double pole double throw. Two diodes and two lightbulbs, L1 and L2. Given: Voltage...
  17. N

    Help creating a electronic circuit

    I want to create a project which involves about 5 Peltier cooling units run off a battery. The problem is, I have no clue what type, or the specifications of the battery. The cooling units run between 0-15V and 0-9A. I want this circuit to be able to run at maximum capacity continuously...
  18. D

    Engineering Electronic circuit, LED turns on if Vin is greater than or less than a value

    Homework Statement Construct a circuit that turns on if it the voltage provided is greater than 3 volts, or less than 2. MUST USE THESE CRITERIA: i<100mA, only one PS. Fewer than ten components. Homework Equations None that I know of, but we've covered resistors, caps, inductors, and op amps...
  19. J

    Mech Engineer, Electronic circuit noob

    Hi, I'm designing and building a mobile robot, however I have to find / design a circuit board that incorporates two motor outputs, and possibly 8-12 sensors. The circuit also has to be a PIC, to allow me to program the robot to carry out specific tasks autonomously. I have 0% knowledge on...
  20. P

    Term ground mean in an ELECTRONIC circuit?

    term "ground" mean in an ELECTRONIC circuit? What does the term "ground" mean in an ELECTRONIC circuit? A bus strip usually contains two columns: one for GROUND and one for a supply voltage. What does ground mean in this context and how do we ground a circuit while using a breadboard?
  21. A

    Meaning of an electronic circuit will oscillate?

    i wonder if anyone can tell me the meaning of "The Barkhausen stability criterion is a condition to determine when an electronic circuit will oscillate." in this what is the meaning of an electronic circuit will oscillate? thanks
  22. R

    How to shrink an electronic circuit?

    Dear Experts, I opened up a small radio about the size of thumbdrive. The circuit is so small. Is there a way to shrink a 555 timer chip which is so big compared to that radio? Radios should require transistors right? But I could not find the usual size transistor on this radio...
  23. G

    How do electrons flow in a basic electronic circuit?

    Hey guys, I'm going to university next year to complete a degree in electronics engineering and I'm hoping to get a head start. Ok I've attempted to read several online materials to try and create a mental model of what occurs in an electronic circuit. Let's assume its a basic circuit with a...
  24. D

    Program needed - for drawing electronic circuit diagrams

    I am in an electronic circuits laboratory class, and I am looking for a free, easy to use program that will allow me to construct circuit diagrams for my reports. Any ideas? Thx!
  25. N

    Micro electronic circuit problems

    Q1. A 10,000 Micro Farad capacitor has an asymmetric tolerance specification of +20%/-50% What is the possible range of values for this capacitor? How do I do this problem ? Q2. A 15-bit A/D converter has V(full scale) = 10 V. what is the value of the LSB> If the input voltage is 6.83 V...
  26. L

    Electronic Circuit Components Datasheet with Specs (12hr Deadline)

  27. E

    How Do You Find and Draw V(out) for a Sine Wave in an Ideal Diode Circuit?

    http://up4.w6w.net/upload/17-03-2006/w6w_2006031704465627806cb7.JPG for the following circuit find and draw V(out) if the V(in) signal is a sine wave with amplitude of 10V (Consider all diodes to be ideal) This is the problem , could anyone please solve it 4 me ?:?: 10x
  28. D

    A good place to learn and build electronic circuit?

    i'm really into electronic but right now i have a limited knowledge of electronic circuit. Is there a place that has basic electronic projects that I can built and learn at the same time? I like the projects at http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/index.asp but they're too advance for me. Do u...