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Homework Help: Mechanics physics

  1. May 6, 2007 #1
    A pulley of radius R1 and rotational inertia I1 is mounted on an axle with negligible friction. A light cord passing over the pulley has two blocks of mass m attached to either end, as shown above. Assume that the cord does not slip on the pulley. Determine the answers to parts (a) and (b) in terms of m, R1, I1, and fundamental constants.
    a. Determine the tension T in the cord.
    b. One block is now removed from the right and hung on the left. When the system is released from rest, the three blocks on the left accelerate downward with an acceleration g/3 . Determine the following.
    i. The tension T3 in the section of cord supporting the three blocks on the left
    ii. The tension Tl in the section of cord supporting the single block on the right
    iii. The rotational inertia I1 of the pulley
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    Welcome to the Physics Forums.

    You need to show an attempt at solving the problem before we can help you. What approach might you take? What equations might be useful? Tell us what you are having trouble with.

    There is a Homework Forum where homework questions should be posted (for future reference).
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