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Membrane theory

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    Hello. I want to start off with a simple into. I have not been to any of the classes you have. I can not go to the classes you have. and I find it odd, that when I can I strive to understand the things you all talk about. but the equations and formula's you use are Greek to me. so please, keep in mind that I am a simple man. Ether help me or don't, but please do not burn me at the stake.

    I have questions that if I am to understand the concepts Mr Hawkins is talking about, I need to fill in some of the pieces.

    In relation to black holes.
    "nothing can escape" yet when "feeding" there are notable beams of energy from top and bottom. the beams are of gamma and other forms of energy.
    1. If nothing can escape, why are the plumes there?

    2. Do black holes rotate? or is it just the visual effect that man made up?

    3. If a black hole does rotate, would not that have an effect on the space time fabric. (beyond the basic mass / warping of the space time)

    4. I have no doubt that it has happened, it is happening now, and will happen again.
    when two stars come with in a gravitational pull of each other one or the other spits/ejects/is drawn from mass from it to the other star, it is "eaten" so to speak.
    When two black holes come with in reach,

    A. would one of them be "fed" from? (presuming one is higher mass) or would they just combine?

    B. would they spiral around until they collide? I would presume that the spiral effect would cause temporal waves as a body warps time and space.

    I have further questions, but wish to see if i get a response of if I'm just ignored.
    I have an idea that could allow us to puncture the membrane.
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    Hi Grimstone,

    if you seek help, you will find it here. If you want to https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=17355", you'll have to go elsewhere.

    They originate from outside the BH.
    They do.
    Yes. There is an effect called frame dragging or Lense-Thirring effect. Like space being dragged along by the rotating body. It seems to be important for jet formation.
    They would combine. You can't dissolve a BH.
    Yes. Inspiraling BHs should be a major source for gravity waves.
    I see.
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    Thank you Ich.

    Gravity well that warp space time.

    other than bending light so that we see the star behind the sun during a eclipse.
    what if any is the other effects?

    Is there a physical effect upon the space its self?

    if this is a BIG IF. if you could look between two black holes, whose gravitational fields was warping the space time fields between them (I'm aware of the gravitational shear and massive gravity well.) wouldn't you find a point of area where the space time fabric is ripped or thinned enough to create an anomaly?

    it would seem to me that when the fabric of reality is pulled twisted and warped, that the membrane would have to be a weakness in it.
    or have I watched to much star trek? (grin)
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    Not sure such metaphors as "thinned fabric of spacetime" bear any meaning. Anyway, a black hole merger is certainly one of the most violent events in the universe. That doesn't mean that spacetime curvature outside the event horizons is critical. Physics as we know it is far from breaking down there.

    There is no membrane. Neither is there a physical entity that I can identify with "fabric of reality".
    Actually, I don't think is possible to watch too much Star Trek.
    Still, I don't see where your ideas meet reality.
    Maybe https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=391752" is about something similar.
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