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Homework Help: Michelson Interferometer and mirror

  1. Mar 17, 2012 #1
    Consider a Michelson interferometer with semi-transparent mirror with a reflection coefficient for the intensity, R and transmission of T=1-R. The mirror does not absorb anything.
    Calculate the intensities of the light in the two outputs as a function of delta_x = x_2-x_1 which is the difference in arm length.

    I sort had an idea..I calculated the reflection and transmission coefficient based on the electric fields of the initial beam and the transmitted and reflected electric fields. (I used general equations used to derive the total intensity of the light from the interferometer)
    It turns out it is R=[STRIKE]1/4[/STRIKE] 1/2 and T=[STRIKE]1/2[/STRIKE] 1/2

    I tried applying these coefficients to the two electric fields as they transmit and reflect, but I don't know who to get two equations as a function of delta_x...

    If anyone has any hints, I would be very grateful!
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  3. May 7, 2012 #2

    Can you give me a hint about your equation for delta_x?
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