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Micro electronic circuit problems

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    Q1. A 10,000 Micro Farad capacitor has an asymmetric tolerance specification of +20%/-50% What is the possible range of values for this capacitor?

    How do I do this problem ?

    Q2. A 15-bit A/D converter has V(full scale) = 10 V. what is the value of the LSB> If the input voltage is 6.83 V, what is the binary output code of the converter?

    What formula do I use here for the different parts ?

    n- bit number = input voltage / ful-scale voltage VFS.

    That's all I know !
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    These sound like homework questions. If so, they should have been posted in one of the homework forums.

    -1- Do you know what +20% means? If I have 10 of something, and I add 20%, how many total do I have now? What if I subtract 20% instead?

    -2- A 4-bit ADC would have 16 steps, right? How many steps does a 15 bit ADC have? If those steps span voltage input readings from 0V to 10V, what is the voltage difference per step?
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    range [ 5000; 12000]

    berkeman's explanation should suffice...
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