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Microshogi Tsume Challenge

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    It occured to me that some of the PF community might enjoy learning the game of Microshogi ( otherwise known as Five-minute Poppy Shogi, invented by Yasuharu Ōyama in 1981 ), so I composed this Microshogi tsume problem as a challenge. Does anyone play Microshogi? Then solve the tsume. Have fun. Good luck!

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    What are the rules?
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    Check the King and keep checking. Every move must be a check until the king is checkmated. The pieces that point up are on the move. This is tsume, the Japanese style of chess problems. Note that there is only one King on the board.
    Microshogi is a quick fun game, but I can't find to many opponents to play. Instead I analyze joseki and I compose problems. This problem shows everything and is a good exercise to learn the game. Solve it and you become an initiate.
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