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MIT maths for artificial intelligence

  1. Mar 22, 2014 #1
    I want to learn artificial intelligence, so I decided to learn maths. I began from one-variable calculus at MIT open course ware. And these lectures seemed to me very easy, especially compared with Apostol's or Spivak's calculus.
    So I want to ask is it enough MIT open course ware lectures for my goals or I should to learn maths with more hard literature.

    Oh, of course i talked about 18.01, not about 18.014.
    So the question is: do I need maths similar to 18.01 for learning artificial intelligence or I need more hard 18.014 like maths?
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    If you want to learn artificial intelligence, math is not the right field to study. You need programming and computer science. Just get a book on the subject, e.g. M. Bishops's excellent "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning", and code up and use the approaches discussed there in various trial tasks. The amount and kind of math you need will become clear during this process (e.g. linear algebra and nonlinear optimization). Learning good programming will be the main challenge in practice.

    btw: we do not bump on this forum.
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    Where are you at in your education?
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