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Module choices as an undergrad

  1. Dec 18, 2013 #1

    I have what I hope is a straightforward question.

    Simply put, do I need to be careful about the modules I choose to study as a physics undergrad?

    Some background info to put the question in context;

    I am a foundation year physics student at my university, upon successful completion of the year I am guaranteed access to any of the undergraduate programs within the department. Since members of my course have a 'privileged' position over applicants coming directly from school we have to choose which course we plan to progress to earlier than usual, I suppose so the department can sort out course spacing.

    I think the UK setup is a little different from the US and how we get to 'choose' courses. There is a 'core' physics program that I will definitely be studying regardless of the choices I make. It includes maths methods, mechanics, E&M, QM Etc. But depending upon whether I do 'physics with astrophysics' or 'Physics with theoretical physics' or 'Mathematical physics' and so on, I might study 1 or 2 different modules from the other courses.

    So, to link this back into my question - Since I don't know what topics I am going to end up really enjoying are these choices going to affect my opportunities later on? IE if I study 'physics with astrophysics' and study slightly different modules to those on another course, but decide my interests lie elsewhere, is it likely to cause me problems?

    I hope my question is clear,

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