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Monitor building inner defect with inverse heat transfer

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    Assume that there is a original wall which does not have any defect inside. After an excitation of heat at one side of the wall, Ti is 37°C and To is 30° C. Thermal capacitance is assume 1. So the heat transfer is 7.

    For another condition, i want to find out if the wall has air pocket inside or not. The same procedure goes on with an excitation of heat at one side of the wall until it reach the same Ti and To as above. We know that air pocket has its own thermal capacitance, so the value of K must be greater than the original condition. My question is, how am I suppose to know if the wall has inner defect or not based on the condition as given above.

    If guessing the value of heat transfer to find the combined thermal capacitance, is it applicable?
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