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Motor necessary to power a small cart

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    Right offhand I'd say no. It looks like the RPM is 200, and I'm assuming the torque is 6.5 kg-cm(?). So available torque at 1:1 ratio on a 25 cm diameter tire would be about half that, or 3.25 kg-cm. To get to 6 km/hr with the same tire you would need about 3:1 speed increase, which would reduce the torque to about 1.1 kg-cm. With all the other considerations (rolling resistance, elevation increases in common roads, even flat ones) I don't see it working.

    Anyone else?
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    Power = Torque * angular velocity
    Power in Watts
    Torque in Nm
    angular velocity in rads/s

    200rpm = 200*2*pi/60 = 21rads/s
    6.5 kg.cm = 0.64 Nm

    So that motor develops....

    Power = 21 * 0.64 = 13W

    Google says Kids carts typically use 500W motors and adult carts 1500W.

    So way too small.
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    jack action

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    What is important is the power rating of the motor. As @CWatters calculated, there is a 13 W output (it is actually 9.4 W, since the rated RPM is 140 rpm and not 200 rpm). This is a replacement motor for a ride-on of this kind and it is rated at 170 W; so a lot more. And it is cheaper than yours!
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