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Moving Airplane; Strongman Competition

  1. May 17, 2012 #1

    Is this possible without assistance? I don't see how he could even get that plane moving. I think maybe he could KEEP it moving, but what do you guys think?
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    to see what is required first answer some questions:

    1) heaviest weight lifted by a person

    2) weight of the plane (~200K lbs)

    3) rolling resistance for tires on asphalt and radius of tires


    In the previous article they mention it takes 440 newtons to pull a car

    so doing a simular calculation for a plane:

    F = c * (mass.of.plane) * g = 0.03 * 9070 kg 9.81 = 2660 N

    and comparing it to force needed to lift Olympic Gold medalist weights:

    snatch weight (mass.of.weight) * g = 214 kg * 9.81 = 2099 N

    and clean/jerk weight (mass.of.weight) * g = 263 kg * 9.81 = 2580 N

    so both numbers are in the ball park of human endurance.

    Some things to consider a the rolling resistance of airplane tires better than car tires (I'd say yes) and they are probably inflated to optimal pressures to minimize flattening and promote rolling. Better rolling reduces the required newtons to pull.
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