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Homework Help: Multiple device problem

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    A process requires a steady supply of saturated vapor steam at 200kPa and 0.5kg/s. Also required is a steady supply of compresed air at 500kPa and 0.1kg/s. Both are to be supplied to supplied by the process shown. Steam is expanded in the turbine to supply the power needed to drive the air compressor, and the exhaust steam exits the turbine at the desired state. Air into the compressor is at the ambient conditions , 100kPa and 20C. Give the required steam inlet pressure and temp, assuming the turbine and compressor are both reversible and adiabatic.

    I found the work from the compressor and then used that to solve for h1 an the inlet but I do not have another independent property to use to find the Pressure and Temp at state 1. I have a test on Wednesday and this is the type of problem thats going to be on it so I really need to figure this out. Thanks for any help.

    This is my work.

    http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/6025/img024jr7.jpg [Broken]
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