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Multisim: 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out (74ls166)

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    i am trying to connect the IC 74LS166 (Parallel in / Serial out) to my design, but i´m having trouble connecting this component, if anyone knows how this is done or any idea i would appreciate it.

    i have the parallel intput from a 74LS374 which has 8 D-type flip-flops, basically i just need help connecting the control pins

    thanks in advance
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    If all the LS374 is doing is feeding the LS166 then you probably don't need it.
    The 166 will latch 8 bits of data when you drive the load pin low.
    The only other thing you need is a clock pulse to shift the data to the output port.
    Of course you do need to wait until all the data is written out before doing another load.
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    thank you very much, that´s the info i needed;)
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