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MWI and EPR type experiment

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    Hopefully, this caught the attention of VanEsch.. :biggrin:

    Let's say Bob and Alice do an EPR type of experiment. A gazillion entangled pair of photons is sent to Bob and Alice who are 1000 light years apart. They measure the spin of the photons. They do not know yet that this violates Bell's inequalities because they haven't comapred notes yet. Fine.

    Now Bob writes down his gazillion results on a piece of paper. he places that in a vault. Then he e-mails to Joe (who is stationed in Andromeda's galaxy) the results. And he Faxes the results to Tonya, who is on the other side of the Milky way (by the time these guys receive the results, Bob and Alice will be connected causally).

    Then he goes to visit Alice and compares notes.

    In the MWI interpertration, what happens? What happens when Bob and Alice compares notes (to them as well as the results in the vault, in Tonya and Joe's mind. etc). Does something special happens when Bob and Alice have waited long enough to be connected causally (even before they meet in person) or only when they meet and compare notes?

    Just curious....

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