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My e drive

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    we have two cd drives d: and e: our d drive won't open at all. and for some reason our computer doesn't recognize that we have and e drive. I want to install new software, but because neither works, i can't. help??

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    Can you give us some context? Is it a new computer? Is one of the drive new? Have you just formatted your HD, etc.
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    um, def not new, i think we did reformat our hard drive about a month ago, but i put software on it after that via the e drive because the d won't open, or even read anything.
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    In order to help you, we'll need more info.

    -Immediately after you turn on the computer - before any OS loads up - do the eject buttons work properly? Are the lights on the drives turning on at all? Can you check your BIOS setup to see if it lists the drives?

    -What sort of drives are D: and E: (cdrom/cd writer/dvd rom)?

    -If you know what device corresponds to your E: drive, is it listed in the Device Manager? Is the device reported as functioning?

    -What software have you been installing? (ie did this happen right after you installed some CD burning software?)

    It would help if we could pinpoint the start of the problems.
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    um, the e drive opens always, but the comp doesn't recognize it. i'll restart my comp and tell you if it lights up and stuff.

    d: is a cd r/rw e: is dvd

    um, the cd r/rw drive shows up in the device manager, dvd drive doesn't. it says the cd r/rw is working...

    i don't know when it started happening, i installed a game that a friend gave me, which works fine, and and hasn't caused any problems on their comp. that was about a month ago, maybe two... i forget.. the summer all blurs together, but either way, i definetly installed it after the last time we reformatted. right now i'm trying to install some webcam software that i just bought today.
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    When the computer first starts booting, about 5 seconds into it, you should get a list of all drives on the machine (or you can enter bios setup, usually by hitting del) - are both drives listed?

    Are both (either) shown in device manager? (control panel->system->device manager)
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    only the d: drive shows up in the device manager, both show up when my comp boots up.
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    has the computer been opened? Maybe the cable is loose.
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