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Homework Help: My next step

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    OK, I'm teaching myself all the stuff I didn't learn in high school. I just finished up college algebra with trig, and now I don't know which way to go from here. I was thinking maybe I should get a good geometry textbook and go with that, or maybe some more trig or more advanced algebra. I don't know. What is the most natural route from one subject to the other?
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    Beginning Calculus or "Calculus 1" is the most popular next choice. You could choose Geometry if you did not learn it well earlier, but you just finished studying a "Pre-Calculus" book and this has prepared you for studying Beginning Calculus; best to start it now while you are still fresh. Besides, you can always choose Geometry later.
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    Thanks for the replies, folks! So calculus it is. I have a beginning textbook. So, after that, what is the next natural course? Do I just go on to calc II, or linear algebra, or what? I just want to put together a natural curriculum to follow, and not jump around blindly. What are the tried and true courses?
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    What's your ultimate goal?
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